Got the new singles!

Got the new singles!

GISHO joins litchi hikari club

He will be with them on the upcoming album! Check out details at the penicillin website!

Gisho can’t live without Volleyball? Nobody owns up to picking the band name? That and more in this Q&A from 1998 newly translated by PENICILLIN SG Street Team. :)

Chisato participates in a tribute album featuring other top Jrock artistes like Hyde & Tetsuya (L’arc), Kiyoharu, Hizaki & Yuki (Versailles), Shinya (DEG). The album, “Song of Lunatics” will be released on 4th Sept!

This one’s short but a little funny :)

PENICILLIN have played “Chikyuu” off their Ultimate Velocity album in recent concerts. Want to play it too? Check out the chords!

Finally got the 20th Anniversary Live DVD! Screenshots from the bonus interview dvd!

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PENICILLIN In-Store event 21st May 2013

PENICILLIN will be at an in-store event for their 20th Anniversary LIVE FINAL DVD release:

21 May 2013, Tower Records Shibuya, B1F「CUTUP STUDIO」, 19:00